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Harry Potter and Star Wars heroes in the subway after a hard day’s work | AI arts

German photographer and artist Julian van Dieken, who is also fond of artificial intelligence, created a series of images with the characters of Harry Potter and Star Wars on the subway using the Midjourney neural network.

Hagrid in the subway
Dambledore in the subway

To achieve greatest realism, the author used not only AI but also Photoshop, as well as his artistic skills.


Julian publishes his work on Instagram. His profile began to gain popularity after Justin Bieber and several other famous bloggers signed up for him. A series of drawings of superheroes in a modern subway carriage attracted a lot of attention. After that, Julian decided to make the same with the characters of other beloved universes.

Obi-Wan Kenobi
Master Yoda
Darth Vader

Julian says that it’s not enough to come up with characters and a plot for a neural network – for a beautiful image, artificial intelligence needs to be given as much input as possible: “The more you know about cinema, painting, and photography, the better for the end result.”

Wonder Woman

For example, in the Harry Potter series of pictures, he asked Midjourney to add “dirty seats”, “Rembrandt-style lighting”, and several other prompts. Finally, the artist edited the images using Photoshop to achieve the desired result.



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